About Us

How it all started

This blog is the visualisation of a long cherished dream by London based stylist, make-up artist and jewellery designer Savanah Al Badri to share her expertise and interest in fashion, beauty and design with all women who want to develop their own individual style.

Savanah’s interest in fashion began at an early age when growing up in the beautiful city of Baghdad. While studying for a business degree at University she started accessorising her own clothes with embroidery and added a touch of glamour with jewellery that she designed herself. Soon her friends and family members started taking notice and they asked her to design for them. Thus began a career that eventually took her to London and Dubai as a fashion journalist and later transformed her life as a well recognised jewellery designer, fashion blogger and make up artist.

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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

Rachel Zoe.

Behind the brand

Savanah became a fixture in Dubai ‘s high echelons of fashion as the Fashion and Beauty Editor of well known lifestyle and celebrity magazines such as Ahlan!, Al Jamila, L’Official and Zahrat Al Khaleej. Her job took her to the world’s fashion capitals and she had the opportunity to interact with designers such as Tom Ford and Armani. This gave her a unique perspective on design, popular culture and history which further fuelled her creativity that is reflected in her jewellery designs.

Her statement pieces are an eclectic collection inspired by ancient Arabian and Indo Persian cultures but with a modern touch. All her jewellery pieces reflect the antiquity of bygone eras adapted by her creatively for the urban woman. Each piece is handmade using colourful semi-precious gemstones and natural pearls as the core of her designs. She believes that “only the best piece of jewellery can showcase your personality and taste and present your unique individuality to the world.

Her blog is also a reflection of her interest in fashion and make-up. She is very selective of the fashion brands and styles she displays to the world. Her blog has become a fashion guide for women looking to understand the latest trends in the market.

She regularly highlights the latest innovations in make up style; and shares with her readers, quirky ways to achieve the look they want, whether it’s the popular smokey eye or a glamorous look for a red carpet event or a night out with friends.

SavanahStyle is your window to the world of fashion, make up and jewellery design.


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